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Principal Message

Shri Vimlesh Mishra
Hon’ble Principal

Welcome to Krishak (P.G.) College, Mawana, a venue for more than half a dozen first rate institutions which aim to produce promising and bright young professionals, intelligent men and women by imparting to them quality professional education. No doubt, scientific advancements and technological innovations have made the global scenario truly interesting and amazing, but they have also generated a host of serious and demanding problems.


It is our firm belief that right kind of education with excellent academic standards can serve both the ends. It can promote the multidimensional advancements at the same time can offer solutions to the grave problems threatening to destroy mankind by demolishing our socio-ethical structures. In other words, only education can save the world from tilting on one side or another, and can provide a balanced view of the current position by building a bridge between the extremes which can leave the world an uninhabitable place.


Besides, a right kind of education can contribute significantly for the overall development of human personality by motivating, encouraging and inspiring the young minds to have a holistic vision that includes academic, socio-cultural and professional activities. It is an urgent need of the contemporary age which is highly volatile and viciously competitive. For the personal as well as professional development all we need is a sense of value and “good judgment” without which we cannot achieve our goals. We have to develop our basic virtues of dedication and humility if we wish to take the advantage of our education system that is the best transmitter of culture on the one hand, and is the most powerful transplanter of ideas and inventions on the other.


Krishak (P.G.) College, Mawana provides excellent opportunities and learning environment to cherish these qualities of head and heart which make it easier for a student to acquire skills, abilities and attitudes to excel in diverse areas of personal and professional progress and thus be a genuine source of strength of mankind.


With best wishes,


Shri Vimlesh Mishra
Hon’ble Principal , Krishak ( P.G.) College, Mawana